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Welcome to BAP Law Firm

We are team of talented lawyer in Indonesia

Why Choose BAP?

  • Our law firm employs an innovative management system.
  • Our lawyers are competent, experienced, professional, energetic and creative so that we can provide fast, reliable and quality legal services.
  • Our solutions and services are based on the legal standing of facts.
  • We use up-to-date technology in providing legal services.
  • Our office is strategic located in the SCBD area, an international business district in Jakarta.
  • About us

    BAP Law Firm

    is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia and we provide legal services in various areas of law. Our exceptional management system coupled with our dynamic and energetic team allow us to provide superior services of international standard. We are located in the SCBD area, which is an international business center within Jakarta.

    Our Vision & Mission

  • Resolve legal disputes and provide consultations and legal advice to clients.
  • Provide clients with representation by highly qualified and experienced lawyers.
  • Provide legal opinions in accordance with legal facts faced by clients.
  • Handle legal issues in an effective, efficient and timely manner.
  • Be a law firm that provides legal services of international standard.
  • Our Areas of Practice

    Corporate Law

    In the field of corporate law, matters that we handle include arranging company establishment permits, preparing a general meeting of shareholders (GMS), drafting a circular resolution, handling mergers and acquisitions, consolidation and liquidation processes. Our firm also regularly provides advice to shareholders and directors regarding their respective rights and obligations.

    Business & Trade Law

    Our law firm has extensive experience in representing parties, both domestic and foreign, in various legal issues. We are also experienced in negotiations and forging distributorship agreements. BAP Law Firm has been working as a corporate consultant for many years. We provide a range of services, including compiling contracts related to the acquisition of companies. In addition, we also handle various types of legal disputes that arise in the business activities of companies.

    Employment Law

    We assist employers and employees in drafting employment contracts and / or employment agreements, company regulations, resolving issues regarding severance pay, pension funds, outsourcing, mandatory training programs and social security programs. In addition, our law firm can also act as a mediator in resolving labor disputes with companies.


    Our team of lawyers has experience in handling various client cases at various court levels in Indonesia. We deal in both civil and criminal matters, including arbitration and commercial courts for bankruptcy issues, intellectual property rights disputes and labor disputes. In addition, we also provide legal opinions and legal consultations according to our client’s needs.

    Family Law

    Our law firm provides services in drafting prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, as well other agreements that may be required between two marital partners. Our lawyers are also experienced in handling divorce proceedings in court. In addition, we also provide documents for obtaining court orders, such as wills, inheritance and documents related to other assets.

    Debt Recovery

    BAP Law Firm provides legal services related to debt collection issues, either directly or indirectly from parties who have an obligation to pay their debts and/or collect debts that are due both abroad and domestically.


    BAP Law Firm has sufficient experience in resolving conflicts by involving a neutral third party who does not have the authority to make decisions but helps the disputing parties find solutions that are acceptable to both parties. This saves the disputing parties a lot of time, effort and money in resolving a case



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